9: “Rose Tyler.

I was gonna take you to so many places. Barcelona? Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You’d love it, fantastic place- they’ve got dogs with no noses. Imagine how many times a day you end up telling that joke, and it’s still funny.”
Rose: “Then why can’t we go?”
9: “Maybe you will, and maybe I will, but not like this.”
Rose: “You’re not making sense.”
9: “I might never make sense again. I might have two heads, or no head. Ha! Imagine me with no head-and don’t day that’s an improvement. But it’s a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you’re going to end up with.”
Rose: “Doctor!”
9: “Stay away!”
Rose: “Doctor, tell me what’s going on.”
9: “I absorbed all the energy of the time vortex, and no one’s meant to do that. Every cell iny body’s dying.”
Rose: “Can’t you do something?”
9: “Yeah, I’m doing it now. Time Lords have this little trick. It’s sort of a way of cheating death. Except…it means I’m going to change. And I’m not going to see ypu again…not like this, not with this daft old face. And before I go—”
Rose: “Don’t say that!”
9: “Rose. Before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.”

9: “What’ve you done?!”

Rose: “I looked into the TARDIS…and the TARDIS looked into me.”
9: “You’ve looked into the time vortex—Rose, no one’s meant to see that!”
Emporer of the Daleks: “This is the abomination!”
Dalek: “Exterminate!”
Rose: “I am the bad wolf. I create myself. I take the words. Scatter them through time and space—a message to lead myself here.”
9: “Rose, you’ve got to stop this! You’ve got to stop this now! You’ve got the entire vortex running through your head, you’re gonna burn!”
Rose: “I want you safe. My doctor…protected from the false god.”
EotD: “You cannot hurt me. I am immortal.”
Rose: “You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space, every single atom of your existence, and I divide them. Everything must come to dust. All things. Everything dies. The Time War ends.”
EotD: “I will not die. I cannot die!”
9: “Rose, you’ve done it. Now stop. Just let go.”
Rose: “How can I let go of this? I bring life.”
9: “But this is wrong! You can’t control life and death!”
Rose: “But I can. The sun and the moon. The day and night. But why do they hurt?”
9: “The power’s going to kill you, and it’s my fault!”
Rose: “I can see everything. All that is, all that was, all that ever could be.”
9: “That’s what I see, all the time. And doesn’t it drive you mad?”
Rose: “My head.”
9: “Come here.”
Rose: “It’s killing me.”
9: “I think you need a Doctor.”

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◆Rose with the time vortex
◆9’s farewell
◆Jackie trying to guess what 10 needs
◆10’s ‘what sort of man am I’ speech
◆madame du pompadour’s letter
◆10’s and rose’s goodbye

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11: “Clara sometimes asks me if I dream.

'Of course I dream', I tell her. 'Everybody dreams.'
‘But what do you dream about?’, she’ll ask.
‘The same thing everybody dreams about’, I’ll tell her. ‘I dream about where I’m going.’
She always laughs at that. ‘But you’re not going anywhere, you’re just wandering about.’

That’s not true, not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last, I know where I’m going. Where I’ve always been going.

Home. The long way ‘round.”

Clara: “These are the people you’re gonna burn?”

10: “There is nothing we can do.”
11: “He’s right. There isn’t another way, there never was. Either I destroy my own people or let the universe burn.”
Clara: “Look at you, the three of you. The warrior, the hero…and you.”
11: “And what am I?”
Clara: “Have you really forgotten?”
11: “Yes. Maybe, yes.”
Clara: “We’ve got enough warriors. Any old idiot can be a hero.”
11: “Then what do I do?”
Clara: “*sighs* What you’ve always done. Be a Doctor.”

"As you can see, the ood are happy to serve, and we keep them in facilities of the highest standard.

Here at the double-o—that’s ood operations- we like to think of the ood as our trusted friends. We keep the ood healthy, safe and educated. We don’t just breed the ood. We make them better. Because, at heart, what is an ood but a reflection of us? If your ood is happy, then you’ll be happy, too.” -Solana, Head of Marketing.