11: “Clara sometimes asks me if I dream.

'Of course I dream', I tell her. 'Everybody dreams.'
‘But what do you dream about?’, she’ll ask.
‘The same thing everybody dreams about’, I’ll tell her. ‘I dream about where I’m going.’
She always laughs at that. ‘But you’re not going anywhere, you’re just wandering about.’

That’s not true, not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last, I know where I’m going. Where I’ve always been going.

Home. The long way ‘round.”

Clara: “These are the people you’re gonna burn?”

10: “There is nothing we can do.”
11: “He’s right. There isn’t another way, there never was. Either I destroy my own people or let the universe burn.”
Clara: “Look at you, the three of you. The warrior, the hero…and you.”
11: “And what am I?”
Clara: “Have you really forgotten?”
11: “Yes. Maybe, yes.”
Clara: “We’ve got enough warriors. Any old idiot can be a hero.”
11: “Then what do I do?”
Clara: “*sighs* What you’ve always done. Be a Doctor.”

"As you can see, the ood are happy to serve, and we keep them in facilities of the highest standard.

Here at the double-o—that’s ood operations- we like to think of the ood as our trusted friends. We keep the ood healthy, safe and educated. We don’t just breed the ood. We make them better. Because, at heart, what is an ood but a reflection of us? If your ood is happy, then you’ll be happy, too.” -Solana, Head of Marketing.

Doctor: “I thought you were going to travel the world.”

Donna: “Easier said than done. It’s like, I had that one day with you, and I was gonna change. I was gonna do so much. And then I woke up the next morning—same old life. It’s like you were never there. And I tried. I did try. I went to Egypt. I was gonna go barefoot and everything. And then it’s all bus trips and guidebooks and “don’t drink the water”, and two weeks later you’re back home. It’s nothing like being with you.”

"One kilo, exactly. You wake up, and it’s disappeared overnight.

Well, technically speaking, it’s gone by 10 past 1:00 in the morning. That’s when I get woken up. Might as well weigh myself at the same time. It is driving me mad. 10 minutes past 1:00 every night, bang on the dot, without fail, the burglar alarm goes off.” -Roger Davey